Our Story

Valerie Constance has simple philosophies to life which carry through to the design, production and branding of our products. Here they are:

  1. We are complex on the inside

We are a brand that believes that the road to happiness lies in the middle. The world is focused on taking extreme ends of a spectrum. Good versus Evil. Left versus Right. Up versus Down. Traditional vs modern. Edgy vs Practical. Take a step back and look at the community around you. We are all greys. We are complex on the inside, and simple on the outside. This is why our bags are unique not just in its exterior aesthetic, but also the interior aesthetic as well.

  1. We are all a blend of cultures

VC’s design philosophy in our accessories will always be about finding that right balance between Edgy and Practical, Traditional and Modern, East and West. In our products, you will find strong elements of Asian-inspired artwork, being displayed arm-in-arm with Western-inspired design. As our brand grows and as we, as individuals, grow as well, we look forward ot being exposed to new cultures. And you can bet that we will enthusiastically splash these amazing cultures into our products.

  1. Stamp your name on life and live up to it

We are in the process of developing unique monogramming techniques so that you will always be able to brand your own version of individuality and creativity on the bags. Want to initial your name on the bag? You got it. Just make sure you live up to your name and face the outside world with bravery and a VC bag.